Having just graduated from the Royal College of Art and moved home (for the time being), I bought myself a turntable as a graduation present (a Fluance RT83 for those wondering). I had a few records of my own when I got it, but I also inherited my dad's record collection. It had a lot of good records (Cars, Tears for Fears, Beatles, Phil Collins and more...). However, I had no good place to store them all.
With that said, I made a few measurements, did some quick paper sketches, grabbed some supplies from the hardware store and got to work. The cabinet was designed with a 3:1 ratio on front and square sides, to keep the proportions in check and keep it looking nice and balanced. I did the initial construction with some help from my dad, then went about sanding, filling, and finally staining and assembling. The cabinet was waxed for a final touch and to give it some shine.
The final cabinet measures 45" x 15" x 15" and does a great job of holding my records and turntable.
Tools/Materials Used:
Table Saw (for final cuts, miters and bevels)
Circular Saw (for initial rough cuts)
Palm Sander (and sandpaper)
Brad Nailer and Finishing Nailer (for assembly)
Wood Stain, Sealer, and Wax
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